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Quality of materials and manufacturing standards

May 4, 2023
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Building quality housing means using quality materials. They must be durable, safe and strong. And it also means complying with manufacturing standards. At Casilla de Costa we apply both criteria to the letter in all our villas for sale in Fuerteventura.

Our priority is to ensure the highest quality of life in our villas, both detached and semi-detached. We are aware that materials do not only influence the aesthetic aspects. They also affect our health and the environment we live in. That is why we choose the best and most suitable materials. With them, we create unique, beautiful, safe, comfortable and sustainable homes. Houses in which living becomes a real pleasure.

Our constructions achieve:

  • Greater warmth. Thanks to the use of porcelain stoneware in earthy tones. In the interior and also the exterior, where it blends in with the surroundings.
  • Greater spaciousness. Thanks to the independent kitchen and the free-standing stairs. These have no supports and seem to “fly”.
  • Greater luminosity. Thanks to the large windows in the living room and bedrooms.
  • Greater privacy. Thanks to the translucent glass in the solarium terraces and the enclosure walls of each plot.

All these solutions and the impeccable finishes prove that quality is not at odds with modern design. And that we take care of every last detail in any of the villas for sale in Fuerteventura. They are all dream homes, privileged homes. As it could not be otherwise in such an exclusive area as this luxury development.

Sustainability and eco-friendly philosophy

At Casilla de Costa we comply with the energy requirements established in the environmental regulations. We have always been committed to sustainability. We have a responsibility to collaborate in the conservation of the environment and the planet. With this conviction, we help to build a more sustainable world.

Our villas are designed in two-storey buildings. And they are fully integrated into the surrounding landscape. This preserves the visual impact on the environment. An exceptional environment that deserves to be enjoyed and, above all, respected.

Reducing the environmental footprint and saving energy is part of the values of Casilla de Costa. Our residential complex is 100% faithful to the eco-friendly philosophy. We apply it to all our developments. Basically, we take these four concepts into account:

  • Aerotermia. Our own boilers are based on an air conditioning system that allows us to take advantage of the energy in the air.
  • Natural insulation. We use mineral rock wool for the perimeter insulation. It is one of the best non-polluting insulators. It is unalterable over time. It provides thermal, waterproof and fireproof insulation.
  • No chemicals. No chemicals are used to care for the communal areas. They are maintained thanks to our own technological water recycling plant.
  • Environmental care. We have a biological control service in our gardens and flowerbeds.

Soundproofing: maximum peace of mind

Well-being is also influenced by acoustic comfort, which is increasingly valued in the construction of homes. Another of our objectives is to obtain the maximum possible acoustic comfort. And we make it a reality through the inclusion of concrete walls with air chambers, the installation of aluminium carpentry with thermal bridge break or the use of soundproofed evacuation pipes in all the services. In the villas of Casilla de Costa you will find pure tranquillity.

See for yourself the results of combining the best materials and manufacturing standards. Get to know our villas in Fuerteventura. Call us on +34 91 630 70 94, send us an email to or fill in a simple form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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