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Tips for having an energy efficient home

October 29, 2019
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An energy efficient home is no longer just the purpose of environmentalists or fans with the battle against climate change. Risking for energy efficiency in housing can imply benefits of up to 50% on electricity or gas bills. Thus, we show you a few tricks that you can put in place to boost energy self-consumption.


  • Benefit from the sunlight

Whenever possible, enjoy natural light. To do this, even if you have to carry out reforms, it is best to distribute the windows at a point where the sun’s rays enter through all the spaces of the house.

Similarly, the white color in the room cooperates with the filtration of natural light.


  • Insolation

To obtain an energy efficient home, first of all it is to boost the insulation by placing plates on the walls and ceilings that prevent the loss of interior heat and thus save on heating.

In the case of windows, check the closing device, the coating and sealing, and look for possible leakage points. If necessary, distribute plastic adhesive sheets in these critical areas.

Correspondingly, older homes have windows in which double glazing cannot be placed, so in this case it is best to modify them. The experts in the sector note that the sliding windows are the worst purchase alternatives if you are looking to progress in the efficiency of the house.


  • Perfect consumption habits

The benefit of energy in housing often comes from making efforts that are insignificant for many, but can significantly remedy:

  1. Lower the heating a couple of degrees. With 22º it is more than ideal to get the house at a perfect temperature.
  2. Try to shower in 10 minutes with warm water, more if it is hot weather.
  3. Aerate when the air entering the window is fresh.
  4. Do not suddenly change the degrees of the air conditioner and disconnect it half an hour before leaving home
  5. Turn off the light in rooms where there is no one and do not leave electrical appliances in stand-by


  • Economize on water

Water reuse is a good alternative to acquire a self-sufficient energy-speaking home. Using a hot water accumulation system or joining the external supply with the self-supply system are options that cooperate with this saving.

In the same way, you have to be careful with the taps. It is preferable to opt for a single lever.


  • Modifications in artificial lighting

Change if you have not already done the incandescent bulbs by the LEDs or low consumption.

Its duration reaches up to nine times more than those qualified as traditional and give you a saving in billing.


  • Fiber optic assembly

A Swedish company has prospered with a system that through a fiber optic cable can get sunlight, converting it into solar energy and thus lighting several rooms in the house.

Similarly, technicians have also verified that the optical fiber consumes 8 times less energy than copper installations, thus becoming up to 80% more efficient.




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