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Tenant or Owner: Who pays for repairs?

January 23, 2022
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Tenant or Owner: Who pays for repairs? The blind of the room has been broken, the bathroom cistern does not work, the washing machine doesn´t take water, I have failures in the boiler, a tile has been broken, I have short circuits in the light constantly… These damages are as usual and common as the small confrontations that are generated between landlord and tenant.

The question is, Tenant or Owner: Who pays for repairs? who pays the price when any component of the home is damaged or broken?

In these circumstances there are many characteristics that escape, so the firm response is difficult.

  • Firstly, the owner has the responsibility of carrying out and paying for all home maintenance repairs to consolidate the conservation of habitability
  • Rejecting two situations or events: That the tenant was responsible for the damage or that it is a “small” repair encouraged by the wear and tear of the house.


According to this, the owner is the one who has to be responsible for restoring the installation of electricity if it is very old, so the bulbs jump or the automatic is fired.

Similarly, the owner must take care of the repair or replacement of appliances that stop working because their active life has already been exhausted.

However, the tenant must make a responsible use of everything that has been put available to him in the house, and let his ethics act before arrangements derived from his own carelessness or accidental damage.


What is the boundary between a small or a larger arrangement?

It is very complex to define the limit between both cases. It is common sense and good understanding between the two protagonists (tenant and landlord). They should find how to distinguish each particular case and try to reach an understanding that will always favor one and other.

The best way to solve all these questions, in short, is to chat and common sense between both parties.


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Tenant or Owner: Who pays for repairs?


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