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Smart city, Casilla de Costa and the sustainable housing

July 31, 2019
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With time the concepts change and now what we understand by “city” is no longer understood only as a whole of buildings and streets governed by a City Hall. The concept of Smart City was born to refer to a city:

  • More sustainable in economic and environmental terms
  • More efficient in energy use and city management
  • More attractive to the citizen and the visitor
  • More participatory in public life and government

Smart City is governed by several objectives

  • Improve the efficiency and sustainability of the city
  • Modernize its policies
  • Promote social and economic quality
  • Maximize social inclusion
  • Reduce waste and discomfort

In construction

These cities also include innovative systems in which energy efficiency is combined with an important benefit for people. Plant coverings on facades, for example, use intelligent systems for irrigation management of vertical gardens, adapting energy resources to climatic needs thanks to data analysis and management.

The Smart City and Casilla de Costa

Other examples of active practices in Smart Cities for efficient and sensitive construction are those applied in the urbanization of Casilla de Costa.

The thermal energy of the wind, characteristic of the island of Fuerteventura, is used to transform it, through an Aerotermia boiler, into sanitary hot water for each resident. This not only minimizes the environmental impact, but also reduces energy and economic consumption.

Insulation is also essential to obtain energy efficient buildings. The fiber of rock wool in the enclosures or the breakage of thermal bridge, for the windows, are elements chosen for their high thermal resistance to offer much more efficient houses.

Good ventilation is an important factor. The entry of air at a temperature lower than that of comfort favors the dissipation of heat accumulated in the thermal mass. Thus the house is thermally discharged and also acts on the feeling of comfort of the residents.

At the same time, the design of each home in Casilla de Costa seeks to optimize the use of natural light, which is why large glazing is installed in the access to the terraces and bedrooms. This use of light also leads to significant energy savings and contributes fundamentally to light comfort, therefore, to the environmental quality of the homes.

The development of Smart Cities are the responsibility of all construction companies and users at a particular level. Together we can minimize the impact on the environment and achieve greater energy efficiency. It must become a priority when marking the design, style and practicality of each home without thereby giving up the aesthetics and comfort of what is desired.




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