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Life in Spain after Brexit?

April 9, 2019
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Spain assures the British of a continued warm post-Brexit welcome – with or without a deal.

Ever since the result of the Brexit Referendum, Spain has been keen to express its intention to continue extending a sincere welcome to British expats and second-home owners in Spain. This intention became reality on 28 February last with the announcement by the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez that a Royal Degree was being passed to bring in a range of legal measures that would apply in Spain for British citizens living here in the event that Britain finally leaves the European Union without a deal.

The measures are extraordinary not only in their contents but by the very fact that Spain was one of the very first countries in the European Union to actually put such fall back measures in place. This underlines the fact that Spain is determined to continue attracting British people wishing to live in Spain.

The legislation also gives firm reassurances to people who have made Spain their home by setting out clearly how residency rights can be maintained post Brexit, and by providing for health care entitlements going into the future.

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