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How to reduce energy and internet bills?

January 23, 2022
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<h1><strong>How to reduce energy and internet bills?</strong></h1>
How to reduce energy and internet bills? Electricity and Internet receipts in a house have alterations since it varies depending on the number of people who live in it, the square meters, the area in which it is positioned, but mainly on the consumption habits and the rate or contracted <a href=””>electrical power</a>. Thus, we give you recommendations to save on electricity and Internet bills.

<h2><strong>How to reduce money on electricity?</strong><strong> </strong></h2>
When saving money on the electricity bill, these are the procedures that are recommended to carry out:
<li><strong>Let yourself be advised by an expert in electricity rates</strong> and choose the one that best suits your energy consumption. If it is necessary to make a change of marketer, do not hesitate.</li>
<li><strong>Get a time discrimination rate</strong>: In this type of offer, the price of electricity is divided into two strips, one day in which the cost is higher and another at night in which it is lower. Without changing the consumption habits, this rate allows a saving of 10% in the electricity bill, while, if they are modified, the figure can reach 20%.</li>
<li><strong>Analyze the power, </strong>the electrical habit and if necessary adjust the number of kilowatt hours contracted. The benefit can range from 8 euros to 60.</li>
<li><strong>Save on heating </strong>by keeping the thermostat at a temperature of 19º / 21º. Having a constant temperature prevents heat loss.</li>
<li><strong>Turn off the light </strong>if you are not in the rooms and do not leave the electrical appliances in stand-by.</li>
<h2><strong>How to save on the Internet bill?</strong></h2>

When it comes to telecommunications, if you want to take advantage of cheap internet in the home as well as benefit from the best speed and mobile line guarantees, these tips can help you:
<li><strong>Change companies, </strong>after comparing existing rates in the telecommunications market. Currently, offers from low cost companies like MásMóvil or Lowi may be of your use.</li>
<li><strong>Get a convergent rate</strong>: these include internet, fixed and television offers, all in the same pack.</li>
<li><strong>Hire the Internet with a package that does not include the landline. </strong>In general, the latter are in disuse and involve an expense rather than an investment<strong>.</strong></li>
<li><strong>Reduce Internet speed, depending on consumption and needs. </strong>Generally, 30-50 mg of fiber optics are usually sufficient for a home where high speed is required. If you need a moderate one, switch to an <a href=””>DSL connection</a>.</li>


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