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How to heat your home economically

January 23, 2022
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How to heat your home economically becomes a challenge when we are in the coldest months of the year. It is at this time when we have to raise the temperature of our home and what is an extra expense on our household receipt.

For this reason if you want to protect the heat of your home without having to raise the bill a lot, follow these recommendations.


Simple recommendations to keep your home warm:

  • A good and obvious method is to keep all the doors and windows closed, but when the sun sets, you have to have the blinds or curtains open, in this way not only light will come in, but also heat, but at night it is very relevant to do the opposite, to have everything closed almost impenetrable so that we isolate the house from the cold. The thicker the curtains, or dark colors, the greater the result. The use of carpets also helps conserve heat in the home. Thus, A good choice is to buy insulating curtains with magnetic closure. This type of insulation helps us keep the places warm during the coldest moments of the winter thanks to a transparent curtain that gives you the possibility of installing it in the frames of the kitchens, bathrooms , entrances or offices. To make sure it closes properly, it has a magnet installed that makes it fast and efficient. In addition, you do not need tools to install it since it is placed with velcro to the frame. It measures about: 85.35 x 207.27 centimeters and a thickness of 0.16 millimeters.


  • Place rubber gaskets that insulate your home. If you put this type of joints in the accesses that communicate with the exterior such as doors and windows, this will mean a great saving since it will avoid the cold penetrating there. In this way this will last about 7 years. We can obtain them in Internet in two colors: white and brown, and of different thicknesses, from 3 to 5.5 millimeters.


  • Place Burlete doors. It is based on a delicate mechanism that has some strips of insulators that are placed in edges of doors and / or windows. In this way they protect the possible currents of cold air and do not let in the dust either and help us save heating, since our consumption is reduced. In turn, not only does it not enter but also ensures that the heat of the house stays inside and nothing is lost. The noise input also descends.
  • Solar panels: If you have a single-family house, and you want to reduce your monthly expense, it would be ideal if you install solar panels, this way it will be cheaper to use any other type of energy, such as propane in bulk, or basic Butane bottle and you will also have more heat in your home. The optimum would be to install three 320W solar panels of 2000 kWh of annual consumption. We will also have to think about the characteristics of our property and those of the panel.

We hope that in these dates in which we need to throw more resources you can heat your home economically thanks to these recommendations.

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