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Energy efficiency: comfort, savings and environment

November 21, 2023
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The defence of the environment has long ceased to be an exclusive objective of militant environmentalists. Nowadays, the fight against climate change is everyone’s business. In this sense, betting on energy efficiency is essential.

Since we started the Casilla de Costa urbanization project in Fuerteventura, we were very clear that responsible energy consumption had to be one of our pillars when building.

Sustainable homes and maximum respect for the environment

In addition to a clear commitment to the environment, an energy efficient home
It brings important economic benefits on bills, both for electricity and gas.

All our villas have been designed to be fully integrated into the environment and maintain the highest standards of sustainability. If you purchase any of them, you will enjoy a completely eco-friendly home.

The Casilla de Costa urbanization is located north of Fuerteventura, in the town of Villaverde, in the municipality of La Oliva. It is a privileged environment on the already privileged island.

An enclave as exceptional as this one deserves the utmost respect. For this reason and because we are aware of sustainability, we have designed and built our homes to preserve the visual and environmental impact.

We have given absolute priority to renewable energies. We apply them in all our constructions and they represent a double benefit. On the one hand, they contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint, CO2 and greenhouse gases. On the other hand, a considerable energy saving that will be reflected in the bills.

These are the main points that make up our ecofriendly philosophy and that we apply in each of our buildings and in the entire urbanization:
State-of-the-art boilers based on aerothermal energy, an air conditioning system that allows you to take advantage of the energy in the air. They provide great energy savings and a reduction in environmental impact.
Mineral rock wool for perimeter insulation of homes. It is one of the best-rated non-polluting insulators and achieves insulation that is simultaneously thermal, water-repellent and fire-retardant. Disturbing noises are avoided and temperatures are more pleasant.
• Optimal control of the general sanitation network. This is a service included in the maintenance of the urbanization.
Fire hydrants, essential in case of possible domestic or meteorological unforeseen events, installed in the complex and in the common areas. They are cared for without using chemical products and are maintained thanks to the use of our own technological water recycling plant.
Biological control service in our gardens and flower beds that guarantees maximum environmental care.
Water tank with a capacity of 2,000 m³ with its own pumping equipment that more than covers the needs of the entire urbanization. This solves the problem of lack of drinking water common on the islands.

Responsible use of energy

Quality and efficiency are our reason for being. The Casilla de Costa villas are efficient homes in the broadest sense of the term. They are comfortable, cozy, durable, easy to maintain… Of course, they are also energy efficient, because responsible use of energy is essential for the environment and the economy.

Our construction policy follows the eco-friendly philosophy, in total harmony with the environment. All our villas have been thought out and designed to preserve the exceptional enclave in which they are located.

Sustainability, environment, responsible consumption, clean energy, renewable resources or ecological footprint are very fashionable concepts. However, they do not always respond to reality. At Casilla de Costa, we take them very seriously.

We are aware of its enormous importance. And that, thanks to the use of renewable energies and good energy efficiency, we manage to greatly reduce the environmental impact and obtain greater energy savings.

If you want to know more details about our villas in Fuerteventura, call us at +34 91 630 70 94, send us an email to or fill out a simple form, and we will contact you right away.


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